Welcome to my website, and congratulations on taking the first step toward making a positive change in your life!

My mission is to help people improve their emotional well-being, enhance their ability to engage in interpersonal relationships, and to empower them with the tools necessary to create a life of greater contentment and connectivity, and a life where relationships are richer.

My work is characterized by intuition, compassion, and optimism. I offer a confidential, caring and non-judgmental environment for clients to feel safe to explore their problems, life issues, dreams, desires and goals.

Especially in stressful times, people sometimes lose sight of their own resiliency and ability to cope. I utilize my expertise, skills, perspectives, experiences, and training in a collaborative approach with the client to help them find and use their own strengths to move forward toward their goal. I use quite a bit of psycho-education as I believe that people not only need to be heard and respected, but they also need to understand the process they are experiencing in order to effect positive change in their life.

As there is no "one size fits all" solution in this field, and each person is uniquely individual, to best serve my clients I remain flexible in my approach and work from a combination of accepted psychotherapeutic modalities. I continually re-assess client needs, goals and progress.

I maintain an excellent network of professional associates who make themselves available for consultation, and I keep abreast of cutting edge research and new studies, and constantly re-educate myself to enhance my knowledge.

I hope you'll take the time to look through my website to learn more about my approach, and some specific details of my work.


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